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20. Brian Brewer 💛. College student. Baby whisperer. iPhone case enthusiast. Junk food junkie. All that good stuff.


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I get that we’re girls and I get that we have our opinions about other bitches and if we don’t like someone/something we’re gonna have something to say. We’re all shit talkin’ little bitches but at least have the courtesy to do it with your friends in the comfort of your own home or car or a god damn group message. Posting rude shit about someone on YOUR social network doesn’t do anything but make YOU look bad. What you think about someone is one thing, but what you publicly SAY about someone else is just a reflection on your own character.
Yes this post is a slight contradiction to the point I’m trying to make but god damn people IRK MY SOUL. 💀

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I am practicing being kind instead of right.

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